It starts from one old Hawaiian shirt I found on the Big Island of Hawaii...

The founder and designer of Sasga koko, began traveling between Hawaii and Tokyo since 2007, and in Big Island she encountered a nice-groovy and one-of-a-kind vintage men's shirt with the design motif of Hawaii which inspired her to remake the shirt into a women's garment because she wanted to make it available to her own, and a pair of short pants saw the light of day as the very first piece of her collection.

Ever since then the designer has started collecting vintage clothing and while remaking them, the brand was established in 2014.

Our  ALOHA LINE is made with old Hawaiian shirts, hence each piece is unique and one of a kind.

we would love you to find your ''only one''and make your day a little more special...


Sasga kokoはハワイ島の古着屋さんで見つけた一枚のメンズシャツから始まりました。